Mr. Magneto!

Mr. Magneto is a cache container I invented when I decided there was a need for a micro that had real cache superhero qualities. I take full blame for all of the frustration and long hours that many have spent finding him.

mr. magneto

Mr. Magneto features:

  • Strong magnetic base
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof design
  • Paintable
  • Fun to hide
  • Difficult to find
  • 6 Month Guarantee

mr. magneto

Mr. Magneto measures a mere 7/16" tall by 5/16" in diameter.
Mr. Magneto works great as the first cache in a multi-cache because it is perfect for inserting a laminated slip of paper with coordinates on it leading to the next cache.
We truly believe there is no other cache container of it's kind anywhere! There are now more than 5000 Mr. Magneto's in circulation all over the world!


mr. magneto

Here are some of the comments it has been getting from actual caches:

"Smallest one I ever found. Where do you guys get these things? "..."This is not only is a nano cache, it almost qualifies to be a pico cache"..."This is the smallest geocache I have ever seen."..."Cleverly evil container & hide!"..."Wow!! Who said bigger was better? Great cache!"..."That is just about the tiniest cache container I've ever seen. Amazing! Thanks for the fun"..."I didn't realize you could fit that much paper into such a small container."..."Found it this time and it was really a tough one. I hope there are no more of these containers!"..."Uhmmm...may I borrow your micro-scope to find the micro cache? And may I borrow your micro pen to sign the micro log please?"..."Did someone say tiny? This takes the award for smallest in its class. But I wouldn't say ‘tiny' micro, or ‘mini micro', or even ‘micro-micro'. I'd say sub-micro!!"


Do You want one? They are only $2.49 each and $1.25 shipping for any quantity. Get yours today! I accept credit cards via PAYPAL. Click the link below to go to the shopping cart. Thanks and enjoy!